"Microtest 100WF" is an effective and easy-to-use medical diagnostic device for analysis of microvascular tone. The device works by the means of detection of low-amplitude skin surface temperature fluctuations, which result from changes in tone and blood flow in the small arteries and arterioles in the subcutaneous tissue, followed by analysis of the data by the method of wavelet filtration. The device was developed by the company "FM Diagnostics" in collaboration with the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinic (Perm, Russia).





The skin temperature fluctuation monitor Microtest 100WF may be used by cardiology specialists and general practice physicians for functional diagnostics of possible microcirculation disorders, by health resorts and by any other medical institution for patients of any age.


Microtest 100WF is a medical diagnostic device designed for a non-invasive analysis of the myogenic, neurogenic and endothelial factors regulating microvascular tone and for diagnostics of its disorders. In a functional test Microtest 100WF enables a quick evaluation of the vascular endothelium condition. Temperature fluctuations are registered in two data channels by thermal sensors with the measurement resolution of up to 0.001 °C.


The included MicroTest software package provides a user-friendly interface for recording, plotting and saving the skin surface temperature data in real time. The Express Analysis function of the collected thermometry data generates the key indices for the various components of the vascular tone regulation that could help medical professionals diagnose possible disorders of the peripheral blood circulation.

The MICROTEST 100WF diagnostic package also includes:

The proprietary software package for recording, analysis and management of thermometry data

Free tech supportи

5-year limited manufacturer warranty