The Microtest Development Team

The Microtest project was developed in 2009 by an interdisciplinary team of medical scientists from the Perm State Medical University and physicists from the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics (ICMM, Perm) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The ICMM scientists applied algorithms for wavelet analysis of astrophysical data to the analysis and interpretation of skin temperature fluctuation data in medicine. They have not only developed and tested these algorithms but also developed the hardware for the other thermal, optical, rheographic and bioimpedance measurements for future medical applications. At the present, our interdisciplinary development team has an outstanding experience in complex studies of central and peripheral hemodynamics.

The development team includes skilled clinicians who have extensive experience in medical research and clinical practice (M.D./Ph.D. scientists and their graduate students).


Elena Smirnova

M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Chair, Department of Endocrinology and Clinical Pharmacology, Perm State Medical University

Professor Smirnova’s research focuses on hemodynamic, metabolic and hormonal changes in metabolic syndrome. Her group demonstrated the significance of hyperinsulinemia, hyperleptinemia, and insulin resistance in development of vascular complications in patients with metabolic syndrome (E. N. Smirnova, et al., Dietary habits of obese patients receiving non-pharmacological treatment at the “Ust-Kachka” health resort. Ozhireniye i Metabolizm 2008, 4, 49-53; E. N. Smirnova, et al., The impact of the metabolic status of the parents in the development of psycho-vegetative syndrome in children. Ozhireniye i Metabolizm 2009, 3, 41-44).


Aleksandr Popov

M.D., Ph.D., Department of Surgery, Perm State Medical University

. Popov is a highly qualified surgeon, specializing on diagnostics and surgical treatment of pathologies of liver, biliary tract and pancreas. He is a co-author of 152 scientific publications and 35 patents. He has demonstrated a connection between disorders in liver microcirculation and functional and morphological changes of the gastroduodenal zone, most evident in biliary pancreatitis. (A. P. Shchekotova, et al., Indicators of endothelial dysfunction and liver impedancemetry in chronic diffuse liver diseases. Permskyi Meditsinskyi Zhurnal 2009, 4, 75-79).


Sergey Podtaev

Ph.D., R&D Director, FM Diagnostics


Peter Frick

D.Sc., Professor, Laboratory of Physical Hydrodynamics, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Rodion Stepanov

D.Sc., Director,
FM Diagnostics

The Project Leader is Professor Peter G. Frick, head of the Laboratory of Physical Hydrodynamics, the author of three books and over 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications (referenced in the Web of Science) on the problems of turbulence, magnetohydrodynamics, astrophysics, and methods of signal analysis. In the context of this project, his experience in development of algorithms for the analysis of astrophysical data is of outmost value (see for example, Frick, et al. Wavelet analysis of solar activity // Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1997. V.328. P.670-681; Frick, et al. Scaling and correlation analysis of galactic images // Mon. Not.R. Astron. Soc. 2001. V.326. P.1145-1157; Frick, et al. Wavelet based Faraday Rotation Measure Synthesis // Mon. Not. R. Astron.Soc. Letters, 2010. V.401, L24-L28.). Some of the data analysis algorithms developed by Professor Frick have already found application in medical research (Podtaev S., Morozov M., Frick P., Wavelet-based correlations of skin temperature and blood flow oscillations // Cardiovascular Engineering, June 19, 2008. 1567-8822). In addition, the development team includes three more physicists: R. A. Stepanov, D.Sc., an expert on computational methods for a wide range of problems from medicine to astrophysics, the author of 50 peer-reviewed publications, S. Yu. Podtaev, Ph.D., the Leader of the hardware development, and I. A. Mizeva, Ph.D., a specialist in the study microcirculation and mathematical processing of biomedical signals.

The promotion and market advancement of the project is led by junior scientists from Perm State Medical University (A. Ershova, Ph.D.; A. Parshakov, Ph.D., and S. Shul’kina, Ph.D.) and Perm State National Research University (K. Tsiberkin).


Dmitryi Kleshchyov

National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

The commercialization strategy and financial analysis of the project are being developed by a group of specialists from the National Research University Higher School of Economics led by Dmitryi Kleshchyov (Center for Applied Economics).